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:: Craig Covey ::
 Welcome to the official Covey for Mayor of Ferndale website!

Debbie Stabenow with Craig Covey
Kids for Covey
Craig Covey winning the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce Special Services Award in 2012

August 13, 2013

Craig Covey for Ferndale Dearest Friends:

I had been considering running for mayor of Ferndale since February, and have spent the past several months talking to hundreds of residents, business owners, and voters about their feelings and opinions on such an action, as well as the issues affecting our town these days. I made my decision based on the conversations with Ferndale residents, neighbors and friends.

My name will be on the ballot November 5th, in order to give voters a choice.

Here are some of the reasons I am making this effort:
  • Spending and Budgets: Spending is up considerably on several fronts over the past couple of years. We need a conversation about the city’s constant proclivity to hire and spend large amounts of taxpayer money on surveys, studies, consultants, and management companies.
  • Budget deficits: These are once again looming on the financial horizon. Voters need to hear about and talk about this issue, its causes, and ways to cut spending and costs.
  • Bureaucracy: On several fronts, and from many examples, comes the feeling that some city government activities are getting more complicated, more complex, and less efficient.
  • Costs and Fees: The candidates for city council and the mayor’s office this election cycle must have an honest and frank discussion about rising city fees, charges, and rates, from water rates to parking fees, and everything in between.
  • The “new” City Parking System: Residents, visitors, and business owners have very strong feelings about what was done last winter with the city’s downtown parking system, and voters deserve to have a full airing of the issue. We must talk about not just the mistakes made with rolling out the new system, but the entire decision to install this system in the first place and the costs involved, the responsibility for the decision and the continuing ongoing problems with the situation, and the need to explore further remedies.
  • Infrastructure: In addition to police and fire protection and safety, the maintenance of our water mains, sewers, and roads is critical. We must look beyond downtown improvements and begin to plan for residential street repair and replacement, and other infrastructure maintenance.

The coming Ferndale local elections are not about democrats or republicans, or liberals or conservatives, or who is popular or who gets the most endorsements. It is not about who is gay or straight, male or female. We have moved beyond those issues in our city. It is about plans and policies that will carry our great city into the next decade, keeping it affordable, safe, and inclusive for all, including our children, our families, our young adults, and our seniors.

Thank you for your interest in our great city,


August 2010


Dr. Dennis Paulson, Pastor of United Methodist Church talks about Craig Covey.

It is rare that we find an individual who dedicates himself to public service, both by leadership in public office, and by personal sacrifice and attention to the needs of others in private and usually unknown gifts of care, service, and empowerment of "the least of these" among us. Craig Covey is such a person. He has persevered over a lifetime, in professional, and public service, to demonstrate what it means to be a neighbor, and to contribute to one's community.

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An annual event celebrating our great restaurants & raising funds for the Ferndale Community Foundation.
Weds, Oct 23 6-9pm
Loving Touch
22634 Woodward, Ferndale, MI
Volunteers Free, it's my way of saying Thank You!

Sun, Oct 20 1-4pm
Luxury Lanes
600 E Nine Mile, Ferndale, MI
Great door prizes!


Green Infrastructure Vision for SE MI

SEMCOG is in the process of developing a Green Infrastructure Vision for SE Michigan. There have been public visioning sessions & a short survey has been put together. Please click here to fill it out. Thanks for your help!

Planned Parenthood Clinic in Ferndale

“I’m so proud that Ferndale will be the home to a new Planned Parenthood Clinic in Oakland County. The important health care & counseling/education programs offered by Planned Parenthood are critically important to the residents of SE Michigan, and now women & men, including members of the Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender communities will have low cost access to many health care, health promotion & preventative care services right here in Ferndale.”

- Craig Covey


A Taste In Ferndale
A Night of Casual Elegance

Ferndale Community Foundation
Loving Touch | 22634 Woodward
Oct. 23 | 6-9pm | $25
Friends of Craig Covey
445 W Woodruff Ave.
Hazel Park, MI 48030-3226